Have you met your inner goddess yet?

If you want something you’ve never had, do something you’ve never done.
Who can you become when your old life isn’t watching?
How far will you go for change?

Join us for a 5-day / 5-night immersive retreat in Greece, the birthplace of the goddess.
30 women aspiring to free themselves from limiting patterns and obstacles
Be an integral part of this dynamic community experience.

The goddess has always been inside you.
Take the key and free her.



Your Experience

Transformation Lives Beyond The Everyday

  • Leave your everyday grind behind. Immerse yourself in a beautiful, rich environment, free from distractions.
  • Be part of creating a dynamic community of change and transformation.

Expand your world

  • Make Greece your playground for the week
  • Enjoy Healthy and delicious locally-sourced meals and herbal fruit juice cocktails. We're encouraging an alcohol-free environment so we can bring a clear head, heart and body to the experience.
  • Immerse yourself in a social experience that will forge lifelong relationships

Clear out the old

  • Our speakers will challenge your assumptions and help you identify your blocks to fullfillment and success.
  • Energy workers, intuitives and healers jump-start breaking your blocks through an array of powerful techniques.
  • Take part in healing ceremonies, daily movement classes and guided meditation.

Create the new

  • Our experts will give you clear, tangible tools to help you identify and refine your life’s purpose.
  • Guidance and exercises designed to help you put that purpose into action in all aspects of your life.

Excursion to the birthplace of Artemis

  • Goddess of the hunt, wild animals, childbirth and protecting young girls
  • Feel her ancient energy on the island where she was born - Delos - minutes before her twin brother, Apollo
  • One of the most important mythological, historical and archaeological sites in Greece, the island's ruins encompass Doric temples, markets, an amphitheater and houses with original mosaics

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Your Speakers

Allison Ramsey

Software Developer, CEO
Thought-leader, entrepreneur, international speaker & world-traveler. Allison & her Dream Team help you launch your dreams online. They help you achieve location independence & create your life-design to match your life's purpose.

Elizabeth Gaines

Co-dependency coach
Using her experiences working with trafficking victims, Elizabeth has a unique lens into reclaiming our lost personal freedom and breaking through top patterns and obstacles. She is a coach, speaker and leader specialising in the many manifestations of co-dependency and integration of our male and female essences.

Holly Joy McCabe

Health & Fitness Coach
Holly is redefining how the world views working out, diets, self love and body image. Helping you sort through all the fads and lies in an industry that thrives off you not loving yourself, she guides you to a place of true health, optimal fitness and body empowerment!

Margie Pargie

Aerial Yoga Goddess
An expert at helping women find their purpose, connect with their inner child and connect with what truly lights them up. Margie teaches all different types of yoga in studios worldwide: partner, aerial, kundalini, and is committed to raising the vibes of the planet.

Sarah Crimmens

Goddess Community Builder
Sarah lives her life on her terms after years of trying to fit herself into the 'normal' box. She creates platforms for communities to come together, connect, collaborate and make magic. She produces retreats and conferences, and manages social media communities for global brands - all from a place of love.

Sydney Campos

Global Transformation Catalyst
Sydney supports visionaries with comprehensive holistic wellness, business strategy and mindset mastery to live life beyond their wildest dreams. She offers Reiki Energy Healing, Intuitive Guidance and readings from the Akashic Records, as well as yoga and meditation guidance.

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