Where do you go to find a Goddess?

Greece, of course.

Where do you go to find yourself…?

Join us for a 5-day / 5-night immersive retreat in the birthplace of the Goddess. Be part of a community of women seeking freedom from their patterns and obstacles. The Goddess has been in you from the beginning. Take the key and free her.

When changing feels as necessary as breathing, we invite you to the perfect environment for learning, challenging yourself and stepping fully into the Goddess currently locked up inside you.

Turn the key.

Free your Goddess.

Transform your life.

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The Experience

Everything covered in the cost of your place..

Expand your world

  • Come to the birthplace of the goddess. Make Greece your backyard, your teacher, your temple and your respite.
  • Healthy and delicious locally-sourced meals.
  • Immersive social experience that will forge lifelong relationships
  • Peaceful, meditative space to reflect and grow
  • Excursion to Delos - the birthplace of Apollo


  • If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done. How far will you go for change?
  • 30 women, all aspiring leaders from across the globe, gather for 5 days and 5 nights in a gorgeous, sea-side Grecian villa.
  • Leave your everyday grind behind. Immerse yourself in a beautiful environment. Be part of a dynamic community of females changing themselves, their lives and the world.
  • Who can you become when your old life isn’t watching?

Clear out the old

  • Our lineup of speakers will challenge your embedded assumptions and help you identify your blocks to happiness, fulfillment and success.
  • Our array of energy workers, intuitives and healers jumpstart clearing your blocks through powerful techniques and modalities.
  • Take advantage of healing ceremonies, daily movement classes, guided meditation and ecstatic dance to break through your own definitions of who you are.

Create the new

  • Our experts will give you clear, tangible tools to help you identify and refine your life’s purpose.
  • Guidance and exercises designed to help you put that purpose into action in all aspects of your life.
  • Guidance and exercises designed to help you put that purpose into action in all aspects of your life.

The goddess inside you already knows how to live her highest purpose and excitement.

Turn the key

Change your Life

Free the Goddess

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The Programme


    Morning &

    co-dependency | nutrition | exercise | body image | self-care | health | relationships | life integration

  • CONNECTING (with ourselves and each other)


    herbal cocktail hours | group reflection | meditation | group activities | meals together



    yoga (including aerial yoga) | stretching | beach walks | ecstatic dance


    Special Sessions

    sound healing | shiatsu | Reiki | Theta healing

Your Speakers

Allison Ramsey

Software Developer, CEO
Thought-leader, entrepreneur, international speaker & world-traveler. Allison & her Dream Team help you launch your dreams online. They help you achieve location independence & create your life-design to match your life's purpose.

Elizabeth Gaines

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Holly Joy McCabe

Holly is a health and fitness coach who is redefining how the world views working out, diets, self love and body image. Helping you sort through all the fads and lies in an industry that thrives off you not loving yourself, she guides you to a place of true health, optimal fitness and body empowerment!

Margie Pargie

Aerial Yoga Goddess
An expert at helping women find their purpose, connect with their inner child and connect with what truly lights them up. Margie teaches all different types of yoga in studios worldwide: partner, aerial, kundalini, and is committed to raising the vibes of the planet.

Sarah Crimmens

Goddess Community Builder
Sarah lives her life on her terms after years of trying to fit herself into the 'normal' box. She creates platforms for communities to come together, connect, collaborate and make magic. She produces retreats and conferences, and manages social media communities for global brands - all from a place of love.

Sydney Campos

Sydney is a Global Transformation Catalyst who supports visionaries with comprehensive holistic wellness, business strategy and mindset mastery to live life beyond their wildest dreams. She offers Reiki Energy Healing, Intuitive Guidance and readings from the Akashic Records, as well as yoga and meditation guidance.

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